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      It is the last thing we do and the first thing you see. Often overlooked by many consumers, this final step is critical to providing long-lasting beauty over the lifespan of your cabinets.Conditions in your kitchen and bathroom present major challenges for wood finishes. Extreme humidity and a wide array of chemicals, acids and bases are present daily in these environments. Ordinary furniture finishes will start breaking down in as little as one or two years in this harsh environment. The finishes chosen by Demetra Cabinetry are engineered to bond securely, and to resist peeling, cracking and hazing.

    • Our plywood cabinet bodies are finished with UV cured lacquer on an automated coating line. UV cured

    lacquer provides two key benefits:

    » It's GREEN - UV Lacquer is solvent free which is know to contribute to global warming.
    » It's DURABLE - So durable it is the chosen finishing method for pre-finish wood flooring. A finish so tough you could walk on it.
    • Demetra uses oven-cured lacquer to deliver a long-lasting and durable finish on our doors and drawer fronts.

    This 14-step process was developed to insure Demetra Cabinets will stand up and deliver beauty, function and enjoyment for years in the harsh conditions of your kitchen and bath.


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