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mEco collection - eco friendly bamboo
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Demetra Cabinetry is proud to offer strong, durable, and environmental friendly bamboo kitchen and bath cabinets!

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    • mEco chocolate finish

    • mEco toffee finish

    • mEco walnut finish

  • What is good about bamboo?


Bamboo is one of the most versatile and fastest growing plants on Earth. It has gained recognition as an eco-friendly, highly renewable source of material. Compared to wood it grows much faster because bamboo is a grass not a wood. Bamboo can grow up to 47 inches in 24 hours and 78½ feet high in 40 to 50 days. It takes about 3–5 years for bamboo to reach full maturity. On the other hand, a pole of bamboo can regenerate to its full mass in just six months! Bamboo can be continuously re-harvested every 3 years, without causing damage to the plant system and surrounding environment. During the time it takes to regenerate, the bamboo plant's root system stays intact so erosion is prevented.

A remarkably strong natural fiber, bamboo makes for an excellent construction material with a high tensile strength and hardness equivalent to maple. Its natural beauty is a welcome addition to any project.