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milan collection - thermo textured surfaces
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textured panel with the natural look of wood

The thermo textured surfaces panels of this The MILAN Collection is manufactured in Italy.

The MILAN Thermo Structured Surface boards are made from unique decorative papers that are treated with

melamine resins that under heatand pressure become part of the panel itself hence the term Thermo Structured

Surface (TSS). The application of an irreversible thermal hardening treatment and the special preparation and

processing, allow remarkable 3dimensional eects, bringing the surface to life and endowing it with extraordinary

technical performance.

The MILAN Collection is a group of twenty-six select Thermo Structured Surface Carb 2 compliant boards

that replicate both the look and feel of natural wood grain. The patterns and textures of the MILAN Collection

offer an impressive range of options for creating stunning custom interior spaces.

Spec drawing:

spec drawing

Textured melamine on the face and back with a engineered wood core.

Flat Drawer - Vertical Grain

drawer front V grain

Flat Drawer - Horizontal Grain

drawer front H grain

Flat Door - Vertical Grain

door front V grain

Flat Door - Horizontal Grain

door front H grain
















Color Options:

Milan color 1

Milan color 2